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Health and Safety

For us:

We have Public Liability Insurance.

We prefer to use PH neutral and natural cleaning products as far as possible to avoid contact with toxins for prolonged periods.

To adhere to Health & Safety laws, we use a long-reach duster to remove cobwebs and as much dust as possible rather than stand on ladders.

Please advise if pets will be at the property, while we appreciate them we do not clear up after them.

We are happy to be keyholders if you are not on site.

For you:

We are fully insured to carry out all of our advertised services.

To reduce chemicals in your home we don’t believe we need to add more when we are cleaning, so we offer a range of non-toxic and environmentally friendly products by a company called Bio Productions. Their environmentally friendly products have seen them receive Winner of multiple “Green Apple” awards for Environmental Best Practice

Bleach and limescale removers may be needed in some instances but their use is kept to a minimum and would be used with your agreement. These items are always kept out of reach of pets and children.

Access to your property is treated with respect, your keys are kept safe and all windows and doors are secured upon completion of work.